Christmas Knitting

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Easter is at the end of the month and that means it is time to start thinking about Christmas Gifts because before we know it Thanksgiving will have come and gone and we'll in a mad dash to complete our Christmas projects. My sister said I'm a procrastinator , maybe that is true as I haven't started to think about my gifts yet this year. Last year I gave my nieces a box of my favorite things.  One of the items in the box was an anti-static wool loop. 

I find this wool loop so much easier to use than a wool ball. Because of its size, I'm able to find it every time I pull clothes out of the dryer, so it stays in the dryer for the next load of clothes. I have a lot of silky work blouses that I wash, and this loop is the perfect way to keep the blouses looking nice and not full of static.

This started as a cowl that was washed and accidentally felted one day. So that pattern is pretty simple.
  • On 16" size 7 circular needles cast on 180 stitches.
  • Join the stitches into a circle, careful to not twist the stitches.
  • Knit in Stockinette Stitch for 5 - 6 inches
  • Bind off
  • Wash the wool loop several times until it is felted.
  • Place in the dryer with your next load of clothes.

​Hand Knit Christmas Cards

I was perusing an old Debbie Bliss magazine I purchased in Fall of 2010. It was called Fair Isle Revisited The magazine is dedicated to all things Fair Isle. The pattern for the Fair Isle Duffel I've been knitting came from this magazine.  One of the items I found in the magazine was a Christmas Card.  How much fun would it be to receive a hand made knitted Christmas Card that can later be used as a Christmas Coaster.

The Christmas Card can be found on Ravelry for $5.00 


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