Handmade Gift Appreciation Tips

Posted by Maria Saulsbury on

Have you ever made a gift that you don't feel was appreciated? 
How many of you have had the following experience?
  • Spent $$$'s on the softest yarn you could find for a baby blanket
  • Spent 100's of hours knitting the baby blanket
  • Mailed the baby blanket to your niece or nephew with a beautiful card
  • Wait, wait and wait for a thank you note -  never to receive one because the thought and work behind the gift wasn't understood and appreciated
I have a solution for this - document the process as you go along.  I have found when I make a simple booklet of the different stages of the gift, the recipients appreciate the work that went into the gift. We have phones with us at all times, take a picture every time you knit. When you are finished with the project take the pictures and make a quick little book of the process. The book can vary by the project, here are some things I've made:

I Smell Snow Hats 
For these hats I made a simple book with a two pictures - the yarn before it was knit at the Bigsby Bridge in California, and a picture of the finished project. Next to the pictures I included the following things:
  • The places I'd been when I was knitting the hats - airplanes, San Francisco, and a brewery to name a few
  • The story of Copper (my dog) eating the original pom pom
  • A reference to the Gilmore Girls and Lorelai wearing a similar hat when she smelled snow.

Guernsey Baby Blanket
This blanket was knit for a niece that I knew loved the water, so I tried to knit the blanket anytime I was near the water. I put a lot of effort into this blanket, so I wanted to make sure she understood how much work was involved in the blanket. I made an eight page booklet about the blanket that I sent with the blanket to my niece. This booklet included the following items on each page:
  • A picture of the blanket being knit with something in the background - loons, sunsets, speeding boats, children playing in the lake
  • An inspirational saying related to the picture
  • A page in the story about the baby's crazy aunt and uncle.
This booklet won't win any literary awards, but the thanks I received for this gift, was the greatest I've ever received.  The mother and father separately thanked me, and I know this gift was appreciated. 


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