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Summer has arrived and with it comes summer vacation. When your are planning your next vacation, remember to keep the local yarn shop knit night in mind. It is a great way to get to know the locals and to add to your stash.

I've been to knit nights in Chicago, Wyoming, New York and Connecticut. Once I find a good knit night, I try to plan my vacations so I can make it there again. Often I'm asked how do I find knit nights. Here are my steps to finding a local knit night.

  • I google local yarn shops within 15 miles of my destination.
  • I visit the web sites of the local yarn shops.
  • The event and classes page usually lists the local knit night
  • If there aren't any local yarn shops, I end up waiting until I get to my destination. Usually it is the small towns without the local yarn shops. If they have a coffee shop or a brewery they can usually tell you when the local get together to knit.

Recently I visited Westport Yarns for their knit night. They were having the kick off for a charity knitting event and their local knit night so it was quite busy. There must have been twenty of us knitting that night. At one point, we must have had 15 conversations happening at the same time and no one was talking to their neighbor. For a quiet, Midwestern girl, this was the most excitement I have had in a long time. I loved it.

As always I was knitting a dish cloth. I'm working on perfecting short rows so I can knit some knockers this fall. The woman across the table from me noticed my last row and first row were quite stretched out. She decided to teach me how to knit German short rows that night. I love her for it, my short rows are so much better now that I'm doing German short rows. She also gave me a tip - use a marker for my turning stitch. A marker is so much easier than keeping track of it on my row counter. Thank you Westport Yarn knitters!

As much as I loved my wild and crazy Knit Night in Westport, I'm happy to be back in New London at the brewery for their Knit Night.

Next time you are in a new town - make sure to check out their knitting groups. You'll have fun, make new friends and possibly learn a new skill. 



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