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Knitting Travel Tips

Posted by Maria Saulsbury on

Airplane Survival for Knitters

Recently, I flew to Chicago to visit family. I love to knit when I fly. I tend to have very full bags, so my knitting project needs to be small and easy to access, which is why I always have a dish cloth in my bag. Here are my knitting and flying traveling tips. I learned the hard way,  don't bring anything you can't afford to lose. One trip, I had yarn for a hat and a dish cloth. I misplaced it checking in and the yarn , needles and toolkit were never to be found again.

  1. Pick an easy pattern you have memorized. You don't want to be looking at a pattern in your cramped space.
  2. Pick an aisle or window seat so your knitting hand in either the aisle or at the window. For me, my favorite seat is a window on the right side of the plane. That way my I don't impact the people in the middle seat next to me.
  3. Listen to a good book while your knitting - need I say more. 
  4. Don't bring too much yarn. One skein is usually enough for a trip. On a productive trip I'm lucky if I finish a dish cloth.
  5. Use a project bag. It is much better to have all of your knitting in a simple muslin bag than rolling around in your computer bag.
  6. Make sure you bring your toolkit - you never know what you'll need, so it is best to have a small tool kit in your project bag. My tool kit contains the following items: thread cutter, darning needles, tape measure, stitch markers and a crochet hook, all of which can be found on our knitting tools page.  I use cosmetic bags to store my items.


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