Pom Pom's Make the Hat

Posted by Maria Saulsbury on

I Smell Snow
This years Christmas Gifts for my nieces were hats based on the hat Lorelai Gilmore  wore when she smelled snow.  To make the hats special I planned to put a faux fur pompom on top of the hats. Luckily for my nieces, my dog Copper attacked the faux fur pompom which left me looking for a replacement pom pom in short amount of time.

I found these great pom poms from Lana Grossa at a Local Yarn Shop and they are the softest fur pom pom's I've encountered. In addition, they are attached via a snap, so you can take the pom pom off to wash your hat. They definitely made the hat. I have to thank Copper for helping me find these pom pom's rather than using the faux fur pom pom's I had originally planned to use.

Copper was kept far away from these new pom pom's, I wasn't going to chance her taking another set of pom pom's.

I have such great nieces because they truly appreciate all of the gifts I make for them.

Do you have issues with your hand made gifts not being appreciated? Stay tuned for next week's blog  to get some ideas to make sure your handmade gifts are appreciated.


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