Separated from my needle stash

Posted by Maria Saulsbury on

Last week I was finishing a project that required 4 rows on a size 6 circular needle and I was separated from my needle stash. I had to decide if I wanted to buy another size 6 circular needle or wait to be reunited with my stash. I really wanted to finish my project, so I decided to purchase an inexpensive pair of needles at a big box store using a coupon.

I learned a couple of things with this experience of buying inexpensive needles.
  1. Inexpensive needles from a big box craft store are not inexpensive unless you use a coupon. Most of my size 6 needles are around $10. The needles I bought were $9. 
  2. There really is a difference between good needles and inexpensive needles. Lately I've been knitting with Addi, Chia Goo Lace and Knitters Pride Needles. Those needles are so much smoother and easier to hold than less expensive needles. The stitches fly off of good needles compared to the lesser quality needles.

So the lessons learnt are:
  • Don't forget the needles you need to finish your project
  • Needles from your local yarn store are worth the price and the extra time it might take to pick them up. 
  • Before you purchase needles from your big box store, check the price. They might not be any cheaper than local yarn store needles


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