Knit-n-Go Project Bags

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I designed this project bag to be My Perfect Project Bag. Here is a quick run down of these features and why you need them.

  • A clear window so you can see your project
  • Fabric that keeps your needles protected and in your bag
  • Drawstring to keep from zipping up your yarn

These are the best travel project bags on the market.

How often do you go to grab your knitting and you realize you have 3 project bags but because they are closed up you can't remember what project is in the bag. These bags have a 2" clear window made with durable yet flexible fabric. The window lets you see what is in the bag so you can grab your bag in a jiffy without worry having to go through it to see which is the correct project bag

Have you had your needles go through your project bag and break - I have, so this bag is made with pillowcase ticking which is lightweight and tough. I took this bag to Houston; it held two small projects, easily fit in my carry-on luggage and there was no damage to any of my tools. It was perfect.

I don't know about you, but I'm always closing up my bag in a hurry, with zipper bags you have to worry that you aren't zipping your yarn up. That isn't a problem with this bag, the drawstring keeps the yarn safe.

This is truly the perfect project bag - every knitter needs at least two of these bags.

The bags come in 3 sizes
  • 12x12
  • 16x13
  • 18x14